BESPORTBLE Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Ever thought of getting your folks a Besportble robot vacuum and relieve them of the leg and back pain that results from pushing the regular vacuum cleaner around the house. Well if you have been hurting your head over the perfect anniversary gift then this is your chance, to show your care and love.

Older individuals of ages 50 going up normally experience fatigue quite easily and some suffer from back and leg pains when doing strenuous jobs. But with the besportble robot vacuum, your parents or grandparent can forget about cleaning under the bed, which as we all know the normal vacuum cleaner has problems reaching.

The Besportble robot vacuum can be used hands-free, by integrating with Wi-Fi, but for most people, some of their issues begin when it comes to dealing with Wi-Fi. In the instance that your Besportble robot vacuum can’t connect to Wi-Fi, you could review the initial setup, by installing the robot dock within ten feet from where the router is placed.

For the above ensure that they are both in the same room, ensure also that the dock is not placed less than one foot away from the router, as it could easily lead to oversaturation of the Wi-Fi receivers. Upon completion of the setup process, be sure to take the robot dock back to the preferred working station and ensure that it can receive Wi-Fi signals while at its permanent position.

Besportble Robot Vacuum

The Besportble robot vacuum is characteristic of a décor friendly black color, has a low profile design, making it the best unit for cleaning under heavy furniture and beds. And for efficiency, the unit has been equipped with the multi cleaning modes, complete with a preset vacuuming time thus homeowners can focus on other duties as the robot vacuum effortlessly cleans their house.

There arise occasions that you might want to customize your unit and change its function to damp mopping, and which you cannot do if your Besportble robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi. We know you are curious to find out what could possibly make your robot vacuum not to establish a Wi-Fi connection, below are a few of the potential causes.

Using a Dual Band Router

If you want to connect more devices to the internet the best method is by using a router that will then emit the Wi-Fi signals. Now some routers operate the dual-band, meaning that they can stream in the 2.4GHz frequency and the 5GHz frequency. So, what many people don’t understand is that robot vacuums can only connect with the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Dual-band routers will, therefore, broadcast both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz, in which case you might want to select the 2.4GHz network, to regain the Wi-Fi connection with your Besportble robot vacuum.

Number of connected devices

If your household has many members then there are very high chances that they have at least once or twice connected their smartphones or tablets with the Besportble robot vacuum, and which would make it impossible for other devices to achieve a connection with the robot vacuum when needed.

In such a case, you will want to first ensure that the initial connections have been canceled before the Wi-Fi signals can now be channeled back to the robot vacuum.

Installation location

Have you checked the signal quality of the installation spot that you wish to permanently position your dock? Your Bespotble robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi if the docking spot happens to be a Wi-Fi dead zone area. So before installation, you might want to carry out a quick check using the Wi-Fi analyzing application to determine the various signal strengths and the position of your dock and robot vacuum appropriately.

Wrong password

When entering the password be sure to do it correctly or risk your Besportble robot vacuum connection to Wi-Fi. The thing is that users might accidentally enter the wrong password, for the 2.4GHz network, and given that the robot operates on the 2.4GHz frequency then there won’t be any connection. So, as you input the password ensure that there are no typos and that you have entered it in full.

Common Besportble Robot Vacuum Problems and Their Solution

The battery fails to charge, or the charge is incomplete
Battery failure
Need original battery replacement
The robot does not return to the docking station
Incorrect installation of the docking station
Ensure that there are no obstacles around the docking station
Robot experiences navigation problems and has low suction power
Contaminated filters and side brushes
The dust box should be emptied, and the brushes and filters cleaned
The robot vacuum does not clean as it used to
Dirty roller brushes
Ensure that the roller brushes are clean


Observing your robot vacuum general maintenance procedures will enable you to achieve value for your money. Failure to observe the above will lead to functional issues, such as poor cleaning and difficulties in mobility. Wi-Fi issues with the robot vacuum are rare but in case you are faced with one, then the above troubleshooting procedures should get you off the hook.

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