Riiai Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Robot Vacuum are quickly becoming must have’s home appliances in many households, the above has therefore, provided entrepreneurs and manufacturers with a wide market gap to make profits and also develop the most sophisticated robot vacuum’s to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition.

The Riiai robot vacuum is among the best units for individuals who would want their house cleaning chores to be done while away from home. Some people also prefer this option because of kids and pets that will be all over the house later in the day. And, it is for the above reason that the Riiai robot vacuum is Wi-Fi enabled, Works with Alexa, and has incorporated the Google assistant.

Important to note is that in isolated cases, your Riiai robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi because your router is broadcasting in both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz frequencies, yet your unit can only connect to the 2.4GHz frequency. To remedy the above problem, users might want to set their routers to only broadcast in the 2.4GHz frequency does allow Wi-Fi connectivity with your Riiai robot vacuum.

Riiai Robot Vacuum

The Riiai robot vacuum has incorporated the latest features, such as the intelligence anti-collision, which protects the robot from hitting hard objects thus attain structural damages and the timely induction sensitive steering among others. When working the Riiai robot vacuum, it tends to be exceptionally low in noise, sports a lightweight, and is slim enough to penetrate the hard to reach areas.

And the best feature of the Riiai robot is that it can do all the floor cleaning chores, such as sweeping and mopping, and remain whisper free, thus individuals who work from home, won’t experience any distractions. But then there are instances where the hands-free customization might not be possible because the Riiai robot vacuum keeps dropping its Wi-Fi connection or won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

The most probable cause might be due to weak Wi-Fi signals, so to enable consistent connectivity homeowners, might want to ensure that their routers are placed in a central position to allow all the internet-enabled devices a smooth and uniform connection.

Reasons for moving your router

If your home has dead zones due to poor coverage then you will have to move your router, alternatively, homeowners can invest in the Wi-Fi range extenders designed to ensure that all the rooms both downstairs and upstairs enjoy seamless connectivity. The above then means that your Riiai robot vacuum will not experience drop Wi-Fi connections and can remain customizable even as it is cleaning other rooms.

Router switched off

Most routers, go off at night when they detect zero activity, a strategy that helps save on power, which then means that in the morning it must be switched on. The above is one of the reasons why your Riiai robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi, but the remedy is as simple as switching your router on in the morning, homeowners should also be sure to disable the child lock feature.

Consumer device interference

Various home appliances have been designed to use the 2.4GHz frequency such as the microwaves, the baby monitor, and most of the wireless, video, and audio equipment. The above devices are well capable of interfering with your robot’s Wi-Fi connection, making it not to connect to your router’s Wi-Fi and the best way to counter this problem is by switching off the devices.

Software issues

Just like many other devices, such as the phones that run on software programs, so does your Riiai robot vacuum. Updates are, therefore, a necessity and in most cases, the robots will not function as needed because of problems with the software. So for your Riiai robot vacuum to integrate with your phone, connect to Wi-Fi and work with Alexa, it runs on software and must be updated from time to time by the manufacturer for seamless operations.

Problems with the software, could make the robot clean at the wrong hours, fail to do its job accurately, and in some instances fail to completely clean or begin spinning in circles. The best way to handle this problem is to ensure that the unit is getting the relevant software updates, and you can reset the robot vacuum, a move that will get rid of the interference

Common Riiai robot vacuum problems and solutions

The battery runs out fast
Decreased battery quality life
Get a replacement durable Li-ion battery
Robot does not work properly at night, bumps into objects, and falls down the stairs
The sensors don’t work well in poor lighting conditions
Ensure that the lights stay on at night if you want the robot to clean
The robot has problems finding the docking station
Lack of enough space around the base station
Ensure that the robot starts cleaning from the base station. And that there is enough space around the base station
Robot doesn’t slow down thus collides with things in the house
The sensors are not working properly because of dirt
Clean the sensors


The only way to ensure that your robot vacuum works all the rooms that you want it to work is by properly positioning the routers to correspond with the Riiai robot vacuum’s dock station; Range extenders can be placed at the dead zones, to ensure comprehensive coverage thus consistent connectivity with the robot vacuum.

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