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Not long ago did we have to carry the traditional vacuum cleaner on our backs with the aim of achieving better mileage when doing our house chores. But in the advent of technological innovations, better robotic vacuum cleaners have been introduced in the markets, and which we must say makes doing the morning chores quite easy.

But then again there is the price point; robotic vacuum cleaners are highly-priced when compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners; the above is, however, in consideration of the features therein, you will, therefore, find that some of the robotic vacuum cleaners retail below $200 but come equipped with basic features.

At clean house guide, we seek to offer guidance on the best robot vacuum cleaners, you will, therefore, find conclusive information on both the high end and the budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaners. Our mission at clean house guide, is to help home and business owners find the perfect robot vacuum cleaners for their establishments, remember that innovation is rife thus keeping up with the latest technology incorporated in the robot vacuum cleaners can be a daunting task.

Robot vacuum cleaners function differently some will take a shorter time to get all the rooms covered, while others will leave some spots untouched. Others have a good navigation system and can even negotiate their way out of obstacles, at Clean House Guide you will be provided with the relevant robot vacuum cleaner features that you can use to distinguish between the many different models and make an informed choice.

Many people loathe vacuuming, but with the robot vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to lift a finger before you get started with the cleaning. Investing in one of the units means that all the controls will be at your hands given that most of the robot vacuum cleaners can be integrated with your phone or tablet while others come with a remote control.

So, as you venture into the markets both online and the physical stores, check on the unit’s dust capacity, and the incorporated cleaning modes. For the above, most of the high-end units come equipped with the auto mode and you can, therefore, program it to automatically clean your house, as you get ready to leave in the morning.

Most importantly, you should check on the brushes, as it is a great determinant of how the vacuum cleaner will perform in your home. You, therefore, have the option of choosing between the full-width turbo brush bars, and the little spindle brushes designed to rotate on the edge of the vacuum cleaner. If you are, therefore, looking for value, the Clean house Guide has consolidated comprehensive excerpts with the relevant information to assist you in making the right choice.