SODIAL Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wifi

Vacuum robots are well capable of cleaning your home, but their life span can be shortened if you leave loose cables on the floor, including the bobby pins and the rubber bands. So to enhance the robot’s life span homeowners must ensure that the robots can work without encountering many obstacles.

The Sodial robot vacuum is among the trendsetter in the industry and has, therefore, combined up to three distinct features, which are both dry and wet sweeping and can vacuum clean thanks to the strong suction feature. The Sodial robot vacuum can be customized by using its Wi-Fi application feature and have it begin cleaning your home as you get off work.

The above operation can only be complete with Wi-Fi connectivity but there are instances that your Sodial robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi, in case you enter a wrong password. So, to ensure that you establish a connection between your router and Sodial robot vacuum, ensure to be keen when entering the password for the 2.4GHz network.

Sodial Robot Vacuum

The sodial robot vacuum has incorporated the relevant technological advancements such as the intelligent anti-drop feature, which helps extend the life or your robot vacuum by preventing it from falling and getting damaged. The unit is well capable of getting rid of all kinds of dirt from your home, including the stubborn pet hair among other germs and viruses.

The build of the Sodial robot vacuum is robust and can connect to Wi-Fi thus enable hands-free customization. There are occasions where the Sodial robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi and it’s mainly because the user may not be connecting to the relevant Wi-Fi band in their home. The most common bands are the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz bands, robot vacuum cleaners normally connect to the 2.4 GHz which is known to offer coverage at longer distances but with a slow speed.

The Sodial robot vacuum works best with the 2.4GHz band, and the disconnect might be because your router is using the 5GHz Wi-Fi band. If you are, therefore, planning to use the Sodial robot vacuum in your home ensure that you have checked the back labels and ensure that you will get the 2.4GHz connection.

Number of connected devices

Devices that might have initially been connected to the Sodial robot vacuum might be a barrier to effective and fast integration to Wi-Fi, and users must, therefore, ensure that the previous connections have been canceled so that the robot can only connect to one device.

Weak Wi-Fi signals

If your Sodial robot vacuum consistently drops its Wi-Fi connection then the problem would be with the signals being transmitted from your router. Remember that as the cleaning device moves farther away from the router, the signals also become weak thus it won’t be able to connect to Wi-Fi, which then limits customization.

Homeowners might, therefore, want to review their router placement, to enable it to offer more comprehensive coverage, and for the dead zones or areas that are beyond the router’s coverage, the range extenders should be of help and ensure that your robot maintains a consistent connection.

Issues with the WLAN signal

There are instances that the WLAN signal might be extremely weak because of the location of the dock station. In essence, therefore, is that if the dock station is not close to the router, and there are other obstacles such as the metal cabinets, electronic equipment, and a physical concrete barrier, then your Sodial robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Homeowners must, therefore, ensure that they have located the Sodial robot vacuum dock station close to the WLAN router. Additionally, they can check for the Wi-Fi signal strengths of the areas that they want to locate the router, to be sure that the robot vacuum can be customized and remain functional in its location.

Software issues

Software updates are necessary for the Sodial robot Wi-Fi to function with minimal hiccups, and in times that you realize the device has problems connecting to Wi-Fi, a simple re-start process may complete the relevant booting procedure and establish the wireless connection.

Common Sodial robot vacuum problems and solutions

Robot vacuum not working and not charging
Worn out battery charging unit
Order the right battery charging pack from the Sodial robot vacuum manufacturer
Robot turning around in circles
Having problems with the back sensor
Ensure that the sensors are clean
Robot continually backing up
Having problems with the front sensors
Dust the sensor to get rid of dust and debris
Robot not cleaning as well as it used to
Problem with the roller brushes
Dustbin should be emptied frequently. The filters should be kept clean and the roller brushes be rid of the wound hair.


While robots help save money in the long run, they can at times be troublesome, suffering from structural right down to the software and Wi-Fi connectivity issues. If you, therefore, own the Sodial robot vacuum, the pointers above should help get your robot vacuum back to work, in less time.

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