APOSEN Robot Vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Robot vacuum cleaners don’t come cheap and unless you are looking for just the basic features, then you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. The Aposen Robot Vacuum is one among the best in the vacuum industry and has incorporated some quite unique and innovative features.

One of its best features that make it highly competitive is the intelligent protection, which is characteristic of the drop sensor that checks on the situation of the floor to keep it from falling. The above then means that you can leave it to clean the house while at work without having to worry about it dropping off from the staircase.

Now two things determine if the robot vacuum will work, and which are power and Wi-Fi; for the former, there is no two way, but for Wi-Fi, it could fail to connect because of our own doing or due to mechanical or software glitches.

Reasons Why the Aposen Robot Vacuum won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

When using a dual-band router

Most of the routers in the market are dual-bands, meaning that they broadcast both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz. Now what most people don’t know is that almost all the robot vacuum cleaners can only connect to the 2.4GHz and not the 5GHz, thus if you are operating with 5GHz then it won’t connect; meaning that the most ideal thing that users should do, is to find out if the router is a dual-band, and if it is broadcasting both frequencies.

If it is a dual-band router, the homeowners must ensure that they select the 2.4GHz frequency, additionally, they should give the networks different names to avoid band steering known to encourage connectivity issues.

MAC filtering

Mac filtering is a typical router problem where some devices are blocked from connecting to the Wi-Fi, and that includes the Aposen Robot vacuum. The problem happens because the network has been set up to only allow certain devices access to Wi-Fi, which then means that the user must add the robot’s mac address to the list of the devices that connect to the router’s Wi-Fi.

Interference from other devices

Most homes have devices that use the same frequency as your Aposen Robot Vacuum, and which might interfere and cause the robot not to connect to Wi-Fi. Some of the devices are such as the microwave ovens, the wireless keyboard and computer mice, and the baby monitor among other things. To ensure that the interference does not continue and that your robot vacuum stays connected, the above devices must be turned off.

Installation location and signal quality

The distance between your router and the Aposen robot vacuum dock plays a significant role in encouraging excellent Wi-Fi connectivity. If the dock is located in an area of your home where the signal is weak then the Aposen robot vacuum won’t connect. So, to counter the above problem, it would be good for the homeowner to first check on the signal strengths of the area that they wish to install the robot’s dock.

The most ideal way of dealing with the problem of installation location is by using the analyzing application, and even though you won’t get accurate answers of whether the robot will be able to fully function with the current level of connectivity, by using your phone, you should be able to get a vivid idea of whether the robot can connect to Wi-Fi or not.

Wi-Fi dead zones

Expansive homes that use routers without the Wi-Fi extenders will very likely have a lot of dead zones; the latter are areas where the robot will not connect to the Wi-Fi because of lack of the internet signals. The above then means that for as much as the robot might be able to carry out its cleaning duties, customization might be limited in areas that the robot cannot connect to the Wi-Fi.

And that is why homeowners with multiple rooms going upstairs, and huge separating walls, need to invest in the range extenders, to ensure that all areas of the house are covered with strong internet signals. Additionally, the placement of the router also plays a big role in signal transmission and effective connectivity.

In which case the router should be placed in areas where the Wi-Fi signals can be transmitted to all the internet-enabled devices, more especially because the Aposen robot vacuum will be working from a low position.

Common Aposen problems and Solutions

Less working run time , problem switching on
Poor battery life
New battery replacement
The Aposen switches off prematurely
Dust build up inside the filters
Regular cleaning of the dust box
Vacuum bumps into objecrs and misses sports
Dirty sensors
Sensors should be cleaned weakly
Difficulties experienced during movement
Strands and threads stuck on the wheels
Flip the robot, remove the cover and wheels for cleaning


Internet connectivity can be hampered by a myriad of things, including the weather outside, if it is too windy or there is a lot of rain, then the signals won’t be as strong. So, if your robot vacuum is experiencing connectivity issues, the best thing is to eliminate the probable causes in sequence beginning with both the router and the Robots, configuration then slowly moving to other external factors.

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