Bestonzon Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Robot Vacuums operate autonomously thanks to their intelligence features; the units are also pretty tireless and can work the whole day provided it has been equipped with a high capacity battery; a good example being the Bestonzon Robot Vacuum that additionally, features some rather captivating and vibrant colors on its outside body.

Have you ever wondered what people really expect from the robot vacuum in general, well you might argue that there is a great difference in preference with regards to personality. But for us, we think it is the specs and the innovative functions that count. For example, the Wi-Fi connectivity features, in the Bestonzon robot vacuum.

New users won’t mind manually setting the Bestonzon robot vacuum until they realize that programming can be done from the comfort of their office, and come home to a clean house. However, Wi-Fi connectivity is not always reliable as there are times that the Bestonzon robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi, because the router is broadcasting both the 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies.

Robot vacuum’s only broadcast on 2.4 GHz, which then means that users must set their routers to only broadcast the 2.4GHz, so that it connects with the Bestonzon robot vacuum.

Bestonzon robot vacuum

The Bestonzon robot vacuum can be confused for the first invention given the simple design when compared to some of the recent inventions, that are characteristic of side brushes, rollers among other functional features, which are clearly visible from the outside. The above doesn’t however, mean that the Bestonzon robot vacuum is any less effective; on the contrary, it has incorporated the relevant sensors and will ensure that dust and dirt have been cleaned from under your couch and bed.

And while the robot vacuum might not feature any visible side brushes, it is highly customizable, but through Wi-Fi. The latter as we all know is predisposed to a number of technical and software glitches, such as dropping the connection due to weak signals, or due to the placement of the robot vacuum in spots that are considered as the Wi-Fi dead zones.

Getting back your Wi-Fi connection with the Bestonzon robot vacuum, due to weak signals is quite easy because all you need to do is change the location of the router or the dock station. And to eliminate the dead zones, you could move the router to a central location where the Wi-Fi signals can be dispersed in all directions or invest in the range extenders.

Number of connected devices

If you have ever used a Bluetooth speaker then you would know that it is barely able to accept an additional connection if it still has the previous connection, and that is what happens with the Bestonzon robot vacuum. If other devices had been initially connected to the robot vacuum and not disconnected then you won’t be able to connect to it.

In essence, therefore, you should ensure that your robot has canceled all the previous connections before you initiate a new one.

The robot or router has been switched off

Sometimes you could be wondering why your robot vacuum is not connecting to your router’s Wi-Fi and yet you haven’t manually switched it on. On other occasions, the router could be off, when there is minimal to zero activity, thus fail to connect with your robot vacuum. Users should, therefore, always ensure that their robots and Wi-Fi have been switched on before they can initiate a connection.

Frequency interference

Establishing whether your robot vacuum Wi-Fi connection is experiencing frequency interference is not easy and that is why we have the Wi-Fi analyzer application which has been designed to identify interference. The interference normally occurs when other household appliances that use the 2.4GHz frequency like the robot vacuum are in operation.

Some of the things that would, therefore, make your Bestonzon robot vacuum not to connect to Wi-Fi are your neighbors, Wi-Fi access point, the babies monitor, and the remote control toys. Microwave ovens are also probable culprits, and if you will, therefore, be able to pick the gadget that is causing the interference then you must change the channel of the Wi-Fi and you can also switch off devices like the microwave oven.

Common Bestonzon Robot Vacuum Problems and Solutions

Battery not charging, incomplete charging
Battery failure
Replace with a new original battery from the manufacturer
Robot vacuum does not go to the docking station after cleaning
Failure to begin cleaning from the docking station
Ensure that cleaning commences from the docking station

Ensure that there are no obstacles within a 20-inch radius

The robot does not function properly and hits obstacles
Sensors are covered with dirt
Be sure o clean the sensors frequently
The robot vacuum turns around in circles
The sensor is dirty
Clean the sensor


Knowing what you really want from a robot vacuum will go a long way in helping you get a reliable unit that can perform the task at hand effectively. And while you may have a clear picture of the type of robot vacuum that you want, it would also be nice to know of the problems to expect and how to solve them.

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