Roomba 880 brush not spinning -How to fix

When it comes to robot vacuums, you have a few brands that can provide quality vacuums with advanced features that are simple to operate. They will clean your floors when set to and return to base afterward and requires little maintenance.

Just like any vacuum, after some time they require to be cleaned to ensure they’re in tip-top shape to operate. The Roomba 880 is a powerful robot vacuum for its size and you can control and schedule it to fit your needs. But if you don’t maintain your vacuum properly it might develop some problems like the brushes not spinning because of the dust bunnies and hair and other fine debris that gets wrapped around the bristles. The brushes need constant cleaning and removal of the hair and bunnies depending on how often you use your Roomba vacuum.

Roomba 880 robot vacuum

The Roomba 880 is a robot vacuum with a newly designed AeroForce cleaning system that includes 2 bristle-free extractors that rotate inward towards each other which increases suction and airflow. You can program your specific cleaning routine every week and it has a dirt detect feature that senses dirt and debris that needs cleaning. If your Roomba 880 is having problems, the troubleshooting light will light up like when your robot’s brushes aren’t spinning. The side brushes pick up a lot of the hair and dust bunnies while the squeegee brush picks up dust and other fine debris. These parts require constant cleaning to remove the wrapped up dust bunnies and hairs that take time to clean. However, this will depend on your frequency of use, you can use 10-15 minutes cleaning the brush roll every week.

How to clean side brush and the squeegee brush or extractors

  • Cleaning the side brush
  • Turn your Roomba robot upside down to locate the side brush at the left side. Use a coin or a small screwdriver to remove the single screw holding it in place.
  • Remove the brush and use your hands or a crevice tool to clean off any debris and hair attached to the brush, then clean the brush post.
  • Reattach back the side brush to its place

Cleaning the extractors

  • At the bottom of your Roomba robot is a brush frame release tab with a green tab on the right that you push to open.
  • Remove the extractors and the extractor caps. Remove any debris and hair that has collected under the caps and the square and hex pegs at the ends. Then reinstall the extractor caps.
  • Remove all the hair, dirt, and debris wrapped around the ends of the extractor and from the plastic pegs on the sides of the extractors. You can use your hands or the Roomba bristle brush
  • Use compression air or a crevice tool to clean the vacuum path.
  • Insert the extractors back in your vacuum. Ensure that the color and shape of the extractor pegs matches with the square and hex pegs on the cleaning head module.
  • Then close the brush frame release tab.

How to wash and clean the dustbin and filter

  • Press the bin release button with a bin icon at the back of your robot to remove the bin.
  • Open the bin door and empty it. There’s a bin release on the side.
  • Pull out the filter on the left side of the bin. Dump the contents of your bin in your trashcan.
  • Tap the filter gently against your trash bin to remove the dirt and debris. Roomba filters aren’t designed to be washed with water and you should be replaced at least every 2 months.
  • Use a crevice tool or brush to remove the dirt and grime off the filter tray.
  • Use warm water to clean your bin, rinse it properly, and allow it to dry completely before you reinstall it. It’s not safe to put your bin in your dishwasher, clean it by hand, and only rinse with warm water.
  • Reinstall the filter back into your robot.
  • Reinstall the bin and ensure it fits securely back in place.

Regular robot care

Robot parts
Care frequency
Replacement frequency
Once a week or twice a week if you have pets in your home
Every 2 months
Once every 4 months or once every 3 months if you have pets in your home
After 6-12 months
After every use
Side brush, cliff sensors, and charging contacts
Once every month
Full bin sensors and front caster wheel
Once every 2 weeks
After every 12 months


The Roomba 880 is a powerful and efficient robot vacuum that will ensure your home is free of dirt and debris. With constant cleaning of the dirt and debris on the brushes will ensure they function properly and don’t stop spinning as they clean your home.

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