Shark IQ won’t connect to wifi -how to fix

Having a clean home is a must, but with a busy schedule and your work taking most of your time, you will be more inclined to use a modern cleaning approach using a robot vacuum like the Shark IQ.

When you need a bit of cleaning but you can’t because of work and other things, the Shark IQ will be ideal for your home cleaning needs. It uses an easy to use mobile app that allows you to monitor and use the vacuum anytime you want. But sometimes your Shark IQ won’t connect to wifi which is normal for it to temporarily lose connectivity when it goes under the furniture or it’s far away from your router. However, if it doesn’t automatically reconnect back to wifi on its own, you should remove it from its dock, turn it off for 10 seconds then turn it on and place it back on the dock.

Shark IQ robot vacuum

The Shark IQ robot vacuum that uses a self-cleaning brush roll that collects the dirt, dust, hair, and allergens in your home and prevents the daily buildup of dirt. It also uses smart sensor navigation that allows you to seamlessly navigate your carpet and floors while the proximity sensors map out where the obstacles are around your home. The dual spinning side brushes to clean out the dust and debris from the corners and edges and with its wifi connectivity and optional cleaning schedule you can keep your house clean every day. Although the Shark IQ is very effective in cleaning your home, sometimes it tends to malfunction or have mood swings, and the only way to rectify this is to reset it back to normal.

Reasons for a factory reset

There are several reasons why your Shark IQ would require a factory reset.

Vacuum not connecting to wifi

If you just bought your Shark IQ robot vacuum, it might take a few trial and errors before you can successfully connect it to your internet. You should make sure your vacuum is connected to the right frequency. You can also try to reconnect your router to see if your vacuum can connect, but if it still can’t connect to your wifi network and there’s no other reason why it’s not connecting, you can try troubleshooting.

Software issues

Just like any other digital device, the Shark IQ vacuum cleaner needs a software program for it to function properly. If one day it doesn’t work properly and starts spinning in circles and isn’t cleaning at all, it could be having software issues which will include the inability to load the launcher, cleaning the wrong hours, or cleaning inaccurately, and automatically deleting the set cleaning schedule. These are all signs that indicate your robot could be having excess data in its memory. To resolve this, you should reset your robot to remove the unnecessary information that is interfering with its performance.

Re-selling your Shark IQ robot vacuum

If you’re going to sell your robot vacuum or transfer ownership of your robot to another user, you should reset it to its default setting before giving it to its new user.

How to reset your Shark IQ robot vacuum

There are 2 ways you can reset your robot vacuum.

Factory reset on the Shark IQ vacuum

If you can’t connect to your wifi network, you should do a factory reset on your robot vacuum itself. It’s very simple and easy to reset the Shark IQ vacuum.

  • Turn your Shark IQ robot upside down and locate its on/off button
  • Turn off your robot and wait 10 seconds
  • Turn your robot back on
  • Your Shark IQ robot is now reset and rebooted and you can now connect it to your wifi
  • Also reboot your router by unplugging its power cable for 30 seconds, then plugging it back again
  • Wait a few minutes for your router to reboot completely

Factory reset using the app

  • This is the recommended method to factory reset your Shark IQ robot. However, this will remove your robot from the app and any saved data from the Cloud.
  • Open your mobile app to ensure your phone is connected to the same wifi network as your robot
  • Go to the settings and tap on the factory reset option

Common Shark IQ problems and solutions

Not charging
Dirty charging contacts
Clean contacts with a dry cloth or use steel wool or abrasive pad
Not docking
A quality problem or wrongly-placed charging dock
Move the charging dock to another place. Clean the sensors
Not moving normally
Stuck wheels
Check the front directional wheels and the other wheels and remove anything stuck in it
Starts cleaning on its own
Something wrong with the scheduling
Use the remote control or app to clear the schedule and set it again or try an reset the vacuum


Your robot vacuum just like any other device can at times malfunction, but there are ways you can troubleshoot the problem and resolve it.

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