Are robot vacuums worth it?

If you want your floors constantly clean, robot vacuums are the way to go. They’re easy to use, offer hands-free cleaning, and are very easy to store in limited space however, they still require a fair amount of handling and care.

Robot vacuums are expensive which makes you wonder what makes them so special and if they’re really worth it. The robot vacuum may be more expensive than your normal vacuum cleaner and may not fully replace it, but its time-saving capabilities will give you time to do the things that you love instead of vacuuming. It’s compact so it doesn’t take up much space in your home, can clean any type of floor in most of the ways your normal vacuum can, and it’s a hands-free cleaner that requires very little human attention.

Vacuuming is a chore that most people wish they don’t have to do, but with a robot vacuum, your work becomes easier although it doesn’t totally eliminate manual work like removing and cleaning the dustbin when it’s full. You also have to consider if your home is robot vacuum-friendly. This vacuum only works at ground level which means you shouldn’t have toys, small rugs, and other small things scattered on your floor to avoid getting sucked in and damaging your vacuum. However, robot vacuums aren’t that bad. Some models come with smart features that will allow you to program cleaning schedules for specific areas, use your phone to control your vacuum.

Features to consider in a robot vacuum

Programmable times
You can set the times of the day or week to run the vacuum
Stair detection
Helps the rob sense when it has reached a ledge or stair so it can back up to avoid tumbling
Virtual wall
Creates an invisible barrier for blocking areas you don’t want the robot to go
Remote control
Allows you to change the settings or direct the vacuum around your home
Automatic docking
When the battery is low, the robot finds its way to the charger and docks automatically
Noise level
Some models are quiet but some have a high-pitched whistle while others make a grinding noise

Advantages of a robot vacuum

Cuts down on your cleaning time

Robot vacuums can clean your home while you’re eating dinner or away at work. Although they’re not entirely self-sufficient, you can program your cleaning routine around your schedule to make it more convenient. They can run while you’re doing other things allowing you to do more in less time giving you more time to spend with your family and friends.

Compact size

Robot vacuums are smaller than your normal models and have a disc shape which makes it easy to store. Because it’s only a few inches high, you can easily hide it in your closet or under your bed. They’re lightweight so you don’t have to carry heavy machinery to each room as you clean. Their low-profile design allows them to reach places your regular vacuum can’t like under your furniture.

Clean different surfaces and levels of dirt

A robot vacuum can clean different surfaces around your home like carpets, concrete, wood, linoleum, hardwood, and vinyl floors without having to change the vacuum head or use various attachments. Some models can even transition between various surfaces during the same cleaning cycle. They can also clean many types of dirt from light dust to debris stuck in your carpet. Its built-in sensors can detect the amount of dirt in a particular area that needs to be cleaned.

Ease of use

Robot vacuums are very easy to use. You just need to set the cleaning program for a room and the vacuum will do the rest. There are more advanced and refined modern models that are self-regulating and can avoid mishaps like getting stuck or falling downstairs.

Disadvantages of a robot vacuum

Need to be emptied

Robot vacuums have a small dustbin that needs to be emptied regularly or after a few cleaning sessions. Some self-emptying models automatically dump debris in your bin, but they tend to be very expensive.

Get stuck occasionally

Robot vacuums can find their way around your home and avoid obstacles, but even with their optical sensors and mapping capabilities, they can get stuck in certain places they can’t get out of.

Clean the brushes

Apart from emptying the bin regularly, you also need to clean the brushes off debris and hair stuck around the bristles. Too much build-up of hair on the brushes can permanently damage your robot vacuum.

Can be noisy

The quietest robot vacuum model can still make a racket as it zips around your home crashing into walls and furniture as it goes. The noise can be bothersome if you’re trying to watch a movie or sleeping.


A robot vacuum is a great addition to your house cleaning tools and it not only saves you some cleaning time, but it also saves you on storage space thanks to its compact design. You can trust it to keep your floors clean.

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