Roomba 980 vs. 985-Avoid getting confused when choosing a robot vacuum

Do you have a carpet or pets in your home? If yes, you have to clean your home to get rid of dust and pet hair. Using robot vacuums such as Roomba 980 or 985 can help you maintain a clean house and allow you to multitask.

These two robot vacuums come from a reputable manufacturer of cleaning devices. They are both quality robot vacuums that allow you to clean your home without doing any manual work. They can, therefore, free your hands so that you can focus on other responsibilities. Even though Roomba 980 and 985 have many similarities, you should find out how they differ before choosing one. This guide will give useful insights regarding each of the models. Learn more!

Comparison table

Roomba 980
Roomba 985
Virtual walls
Side brush
Has an extra side brush
Lacks this feature
Suction power
1700 pa
1700 pa
Lithium ion
Lithium ion
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Roomba 980

Clean floors can make your home feel more comfortable. Whether you stay alone or not, you need to maintain a clean house to keep yourself away from allergies and other respiratory conditions. Since cleaning your home regularly is tedious, you can simplify this with the help of Roomba 980. This is a robot vacuum that you can control through an app.

Since this device can connect to your wifi network, it can easily be controlled remotely using a smartphone. Roomba 980 comes as a big circular shaped robot vacuum that weighs about 9 pounds. It contains features that make cleaning a breeze. You will notice different buttons labeled home, clean, or spot clean mode on the top part. When you click on home, it goes back to the docking station to charge.

You will also notice some indicator lights that can tell you the connection status of this robot vacuum. On the bottom part, it features a removable dust bin, rotating brushes, a side brush, and a tracking sensor. One of the features that make Roomba 980 stand out among other models is the two virtual walls. If you have a large home, you should consider this robot vacuum since it can clean for up to two hours without needing extra power.

Though this robot vacuum does not have a remote control, you can control it through the iRobot app on your smartphone. Go to Google Play and download the iRobot app. You can then use this app to pair the robot vacuum to your home network. After the setup, you can customize the cleaning process as per your preference. Consider scheduling cleaning daily or after a few days.

If you have a carpet, you should use the carpet boost feature so that the robot vacuum uses enough power when it comes across it. The sensors that are built inside this robot vacuum allow it to map the house during vacuuming. After a few cleaning sessions. The robot will learn how to keep track of particular objects and areas.


  • It works well on rugs
  • Excellent mapping
  • It is wifi enabled
  • Powerful suction


  • It is noisy



Roomba 985

If you are searching for an advanced robot that you can use to keep your large home spotless, you should check out Roomba 985. This uses the iAdapt 2 navigation system and creates a map for your house. Thanks to the smart mapping feature, you don’t have to worry about the robot vacuum getting damaged as it moves blindly around the house. It is also equipped with high-quality filters and a powerful motor that produces enough suction to eliminate dirt and debris around your home.

Unlike other robot vacuums, Roomba 985 contains rubber extractors that prevent it from getting tangled when it comes across pet hair in your home. You can use it to clean a hard floor or even carpet in less time. This machine also ensures that you don’t use too much effort. You can even use this robot to clean your floor every day.

Like the first model, it comes in a circular shape and can be controlled through the iRobot app. You can download this app from your iOS device and use it to regulate the robot vacuum. You can, for instance, choose when you want it to start or stop cleaning. The app also lets you check status updates and even monitor the power. If the battery is less than 15%, the robot vacuum will automatically stop cleaning and go back to the charging station.

It also contains a cleaning head, which is meant to control how far the extractors are off the ground. Since the head uses infrared sensors, it can assess the type of floor in your home and then adjust the height based on this information. Roomba 985 also contains brushes that can sweep and gather debris before vacuuming the surface.

Thanks to the use of dirt detect technology, Roomba 985 can detect a specific area that needs further cleaning and go back to work on it. It also includes cliff detection sensors that can prevent this robot vacuum from falling off the stairs.


  • Excellent mapping feature
  • Can easily clean different floors
  • Enhanced navigation system


  • It is expensive



Roomba 980 vs. 985- How do they compare?

Since these robot vacuums come from the same manufacturer, they have a lot of similarities than differences. Some of them are discussed as follows.


Shape and size

Roomba 985 and 980 are hard to tell apart since they have the same size and shape. They are both not very large and too small. They also come in the right height such that they can go under most of the furniture. The weight makes them less cumbersome, and they are also not too small to be ineffective.

Feature set

Both of the robot vacuums have a lot of similar features. For instance, they contain Generation 3 motors that enable them to produce enough power to clean different surfaces. Apart from that, Roomba 980 and 985 use the dirt detect technology, which can sense when a particular surface is not entirely clean. You can control both of these robot vacuums through a similar app.


When it comes to navigation, you should expect excellent performance from both models. This is because they both use the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation mechanism. They contain 15 sensors that allow them to navigate through a home.


Virtual walls

One of the features that make Roomba 980 different from 985 is the virtual walls. Roomba 980 comes with two virtual walls, while Roomba 985 does not include this feature. This is a useful accessory that can prevent a robot vacuum from entering a particular room. You can also set the barrier such that the robot does not come close to certain items such as a pet food bowl. Roomba 980, therefore, has better capabilities than 985 due to the inclusion of virtual walls.

Side brush

Having an extra side brush can make a robot vacuum better at collecting dust. This brush enables a robot vacuum to easily collect the dust that builds on the wall edges or corners. Roomba 980 has an extra side brush, but 985 does not. It is, therefore, better at collecting dust in corners than Roomba 985.


You will also notice the difference in the cost of these two robot vacuums. According to the manufacturer, these two devices are priced differently due to the difference in build quality.


Cleaning a home from time to time enhances the circulation of fresh air and can prevent you from dust, which causes breathing problems. If you don’t like spending extra time cleaning the numerous rooms in your home, you can still maintain the house better by using a robot vacuum. Both Roomba 980 and 985 are excellent robot vacuums that use advanced technology to keep any home sparkling.

Choosing either of these robot vacuums comes down to preference since both of them are well equipped. They only differ in their number of accessories and prices. Since Roomba 980 has an extra side brush and two virtual walls, it is more equipped than Roomba 985. This made us choose Roomba 980 as the clear winner.

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