Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7- Find out how these robot vacuums compare

Robot vacuums have made cleaning homes a fun and easy process. If you have been searching for one, you have probably heard about popular models such as Neato D7 and Roomba i7.

Both of these are quality robot vacuums that many people choose. You can use either of these devices to clean different floor types and get rid of hair, dust, and debris with ease. Though these robotic vacuums serve the same purpose, they work differently. Understanding their differences can help you pick the right one for your home. This is where we come in. Our guide contains all the details you should know regarding Neato D7 and Roomba i7. Enjoy!

Comparison table

Neato D7
Roomba i7
Supports both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz
Supports only 2.4 GHz
Self-emptying dustbin
Not available
Laser navigation
Camera-based navigation
Battery life
130 minutes
60 minutes
No Go Lines
Imprint smart mapping
Call to action

Neato D7

Smart robot vacuums such as this model prevent you from the hassle of cleaning your house manually. Neato D7 is a D-shaped robot vacuum that can clean dirt even in tight spaces. It features a metallic finish that makes it resist dust and scratches easily. This device comes with different LED buttons that allow it to provide feedback when vacuuming a home. You can use the buttons to check the battery level or even Wi-Fi status.

This robot vacuum uses the laser navigation system, which makes it quite efficient. It comes with different features such as two wheels, brushes, and two treads. As part of the accessories, Neato D7 includes filters, a charging dock, and a magnetic strip.

To use this robot vacuum, you should first set it up. Use an Android device to download the app so that you can pair it with your home network. Most users find the Neato app to be quite intuitive. You can check the power remaining, cleaning history, and the different cleaning options available. The app also contains No Go lines.

Neato D7 has enough power to eliminate dirt quickly. If you have a large house, this robot vacuum can come in handy since it has a running time of up to 130 minutes. It, however, comes with a small dustbin that you have to keep on emptying. You can control this robot vacuum through Google Assistant or Alexa.


  • Decent battery life
  • Has great navigation capabilities
  • It works with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • The dustbin is small
  • It is loud



Roomba i7

Many people choose this robot vacuum since it offers a hands-free cleaning experience. This is because it can empty its bin. It is a nice feature to have, mostly when you prefer setting a robot vacuum to clean your home while away. You don’t have to come back to a half cleaned home just because the dustbin was full and needed to be emptied manually.

Like most robot vacuums, Roomba i7 comes in a circular shape. It contains silver and black colors that make it look attractive. It features a navigation camera, different cleaning button options, and an LED, which can tell you when it is charging or connected to Wi-Fi. This robot vacuum also contains rubber rollers, drop sensors, and a side brush.

Though the clean base can take up a lot of space, it features an inside vacuum. It can quickly eliminate dirt, dust, and pet hair. The clean base contains a bag that has enough room for a lot of dirt. When it comes to accessories, the Roomba i7 has additional brushes and a virtual wall barrier.

You need to connect this robot vacuum to your home network through the iRobot app accessible through an iOS or Android device. This robot vacuum can only support the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. You will not have any difficulties trying to navigate the iRobot app since it is user-friendly. Feel free to connect it to either Alexa or Google Assistant if you want to control it through voice commands.

The app contains different tabs that can help you customize your cleaning sessions. You can come up with a regular cleaning schedule or even check your cleaning history. Roomba i7 stands out due to the smart maps feature that allows it to learn the layout of your home and develop a customizable floor map during vacuuming. This robot vacuum not only cleans different floor types but can also recognize significant obstacles such as furniture due to the use of adaptive learning.


  • It can recognize different rooms automatically
  • Has a self-emptying dustbin
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Excellent navigation capabilities


  • It is loud
  • The clean base can be bulky



The differences between Neato D7 and Roomba i7


Even though Neato D7 and Roomba i7 are excellent robot vacuums, they don’t have a similar design. Roomba i7 has a circular shape while Neato D7 comes in a D shape. Apart from adding aesthetic value, the manufacturer of Neato D7 claims that the shape allows it to work well, even around corners. Neato D7 has a better design compared to Roomba i7.


Before choosing a robot vacuum for your home, you should find out how it performs to avoid any disappointments. Though both Roomba i7 and Neato D7 have carpet boost features, the manufacturer of Roomba i7 includes sensors to this robot vacuum to allow it to adjust the height of extractors automatically. Neato D7, on the other hand, cannot alter the height of the brush roller. It, therefore, does not perform as well as Roomba i7.

If your home has a softwood floor, you should consider Roomba i7 rather than choosing Neato D7 since this device may disappoint. The bristles found on the brush roll of Neato D7 are stiff and can therefore leave scratches on a soft floor. Since the Roomba i7 uses rubber extractors and does not contain bristles, it cannot leave any scratches on the surface. Roomba is, therefore, a better performer since it can work on different floor types without leaving behind any marks.


You can control both robot vacuums through apps. The iRobot app comes with a unique feature known as imprint smart mapping. As the robot vacuum moves across your home, it can identify rooms and walls and come up with a complete map. This interactive map allows you to name the rooms which will be updated to the robot. Therefore, it lets you send the robot to particular rooms if you don’t want the whole house cleaned.

Neato D7, on the other hand, has a feature known as No Go Lines. This also lets you come up with a map of the layout. You can then draw certain lines on the map so that the robot vacuum does not cross them. Though this digital barrier sounds nice, most users reveal that it not very reliable since the robot vacuum sometimes ignores the lines. When it comes to mapping, Roomba i7 is better than Neato D7 since it has a reliable imprint smart mapping feature.


If you don’t want to keep on emptying the dustbin of your robot vacuum, you should choose Roomba i7 since this can empty itself. Neato D7 has to be emptied manually. You, therefore, have to be at home as this robot vacuum works. Roomba i7 can clean the entire house with less supervision. It is, therefore, a better option than Neato D7 since it can offer a hands-free cleaning experience.


Whether you are purchasing a robot vacuum for the first time or not, you have to understand the most important features that a good one should never lack. Both Neato D7 and Roomba i7 may look like excellent options, but only one of them can give you an enhanced cleaning experience. Even though Neato D7 can connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, it does not self-empty. The mapping feature is also less reliable, and it can leave marks on particular floors.

Roomba i7, on the other hand, is more reliable since it offers camera-based navigation and uses smart imprint mapping. This can also clean different types of floors without scratching the surface and empty its own dustbin. Due to such reasons, Roomba i7 is the clear winner.

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