Roomba 976 review- Give your home floors the specialized care they deserve

Maintaining clean floors is crucial since it can prevent you from getting constant problems caused by dust. If you dread cleaning your home, you should choose a robot vacuum such as Roomba 976.

This is a robot vacuum that can help you keep your home clean every day. With this device, you can forget about using a regular mob to clean different rooms. It can clean the entire house so that you have enough time to do other activities. Roomba 976 can work on various surfaces, including hard floors or even rugs, without any problems. Getting this robot vacuum can help you eliminate debris, dirt, dust, and even pet hair in your home. Learn everything you should know regarding it from our guide.

What you should expect from Roomba 976 robot vacuum

This robot vacuum comes from a company that has been making such devices for more than 30 years. You should, therefore, expect to receive a quality robot vacuum from a reputable manufacturer. Roomba 976 makes uses of advanced technology that makes it a smart device. It knows the rooms it has already vacuumed and where it needs to clean next. You don’t have to keep on following it around, confirming whether it is cleaning well.

You should also expect this robot vacuum to clean your home for about 75 minutes without needing extra power. Even when it is low on power, you don’t have to lift a finger since it recharges automatically then resumes from when it left off. It does not skip any regions or leave the cleaning job partly done. When you purchase Roomba 976, you should expect a robot vacuum that can easily multitask and complete cleaning a large house in the least time possible.

It comes with multi-surface brushes that can adapt to various floor types. You can use it to clean mosaic, wood, and even carpet. Instead of including traditional brushes, this robot vacuum manufacturer includes rubber brushes that make cleaning an effortless process. If you own pets, you don’t have to worry about untangling hair from the brushes since it does not stick to them.

One of the reasons why this robot vacuum is quite useful is because of its suction power. According to the company behind this model, Roomba 975 is five times stronger than conventional robot vacuums. This robot can suck in more garbage than other models. Expect items such as a rechargeable battery, line cord, charging station, and a manual in the package.

The key features available here

Cleaning performance

This robot vacuum has a 3-stage cleaning mechanism that allows it to perform highly. It uses debris extractors and has a Gen 2 motor that gives it enough power to clean the home. The Aeroforce system can easily loosen and lift dirt from the floor and suction it with more power. It also makes this robot vacuum easy to maintain. You can use this robot vacuum for years without the need to replace it since it is meant to last.

Apart from the rubber brushes we mentioned earlier, Roomba 976 also contains a side brush that can easily sweep the dust that tends to build up along corners and wall edges. This robot vacuum also includes highly efficient filters to trap even the smallest dust and pollen particles in your home. Continually cleaning your house with Roomba 976 robot vacuum can prevent you from allergies and other respiratory problems.


Before choosing a robot vacuum, you need to find out how well different models navigate for you to pick one that will work fine in your home. Roomba 976 makes use of the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation system, which makes sure that it works efficiently. It contains different sensors that enhance visual localization.

This robot vacuum also contains a camera that can take images of your home while paying close attention to particular landmarks such as furniture. This information is useful since the sensors can direct the robot vacuum on where to go. Since the camera takes images at low angles, you should not have concerns regarding privacy issues.

The manufacturer also uses vSLAM technology, which enables this robot vacuum to clean in individual rows. Since the Roomba 976 robot vacuum moves in straight lines, it avoids missing even tight spots. Feel free to check the app to monitor how the robot vacuum cleans your home during the first few rounds if you have any doubts.


Since this robot vacuum maintains a low profile design, it can quickly get under your furniture to eliminate dust that tends to accumulate in such areas. It also contains skirting boards that prevent dirt from hiding in specific locations. On Roomba 976, you will notice indicators that can help you monitor this robot vacuum easily. For instance, you can tell when the dustbin is full through the indicator so that you empty it. It also contains indicators that can show you when it is charging or when it is connected to wifi.

Dirt detect

Excellent robot vacuums contain this crucial component, and Roomba 976 is no exception. It comes with acoustic and optical sensors that can detect areas with a high build-up of dirt, dust, or pet hair so that the robot vacuum can focus more on cleaning such areas thoroughly. It also features a cleaning head that can adjust the height automatically when it comes across different surfaces such as the carpet.

Cliff detection sensors

Like other designs from the company, Roomba 976 also comes with cliff detection sensors that can easily prevent it from getting damaged. If, for instance, you stay in a home with stairs and want to use this device to clean the rooms upstairs, the cliff detection sensors can tell it to avoid stairs. They keep it safe from falling and getting damaged easily.

Set up

To start using this robot vacuum, you need to connect it to your home network. Access the iRobot Home app through a smart device and use it to control Roomba 976. Through the app, you can schedule cleaning more conveniently. You will also be able to see different cleaning preferences on the app. The iRobot app can give you suggestions that can help you.

Feel free to check the status of all the cleaning jobs that the robot vacuum does from time to time through this app. You can even see the duration that the robot took to clean the entire house. iRobot app makes it possible for you to control this robot vacuum remotely. You can even set this robot vacuum up such that the app notifies you when the robot vacuum completes cleaning.

Make use of the iRobot app if you want to check the bin level of this robot vacuum. The manufacturer also makes this robot vacuum compatible with Google Assistant, IFTT, and Amazon Alexa. You can therefore order it around through your voice after connecting it to the respective apps.


The first time you start vacuuming your home with this robot, it will begin mapping the floor. This allows it to figure out the location of different obstacles, such as walls and corners. According to the manufacturer, the robot can collect up to 230,000 data points per second. Its 1.3GHz quad-core processor then uses these data points to develop a precise map that allows it to clean the entire house. Roomba 976 also makes use of imprint technology, which also makes it more efficient.


  • Has high suction power
  • The 3-stage cleaning system makes it quite effective
  • Has numerous sensors
  • You can control it remotely
  • It works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • The robot vacuum is compatible with different bags


  • The battery life disappoints some users
  • It can get a bit loud




Technology has made it possible for many homeowners to maintain clean floors with only a touch of a button. Even if you dislike cleaning your home, you can still enjoy a dust-free environment by investing in the right robot vacuum. Roomba 976 is a high-quality robot vacuum that has high cleaning power and uses advanced technologies. It can get rid of grime, pet hair, and dust effortlessly since it is equipped with rubber brushes and has high suction power. Choosing Roomba 976 can, therefore, give you value for your cash.

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