GOOVI Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Technology has finally relieved homes of the ugly brooms and mops, not for everyone though, more especially the big institutions that have to deal with high traffic. But for the small homeowners, all they have to do is pre-program their Goovi Robot vacuum cleaner and slumber away, or have that quality morning talk with family members before everyone disperses for duty.

If you have therefore been squeezing house cleaning in your morning routine and it has vehemently refused to fit in; you might want to take a moment and consider technology. The Goovi Robot vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the medium-pile carpets; it is exceptionally thin, meaning that you won’t have to worry about the dirt under your furniture. Among the vacuum cleaners best features, is its Wi-Fi connectivity option.

Benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity to the Goovi Robot Vacuum cleaner

Most robotic vacuum cleaners can be operated on, manually, but technology has, allowed us to operate them even when we are physically away from home through Wi-Fi. Homeowners can also customize the unit to begin cleaning the house while they are asleep or getting ready for work. Millennials especially will not allow their lazy self to get more tired yet they can control the robot using an application, but what happens when your Goovi Robot Vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Well, the above is a good question for new users who are not into anything technical and might even call a handyman to exchange a new bulb. So, just to equip you with some probable reason why your Goovi Robot vacuum cleaner isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi, could be because the Wi-Fi signal isn’t as strong as it should be for the robot to consistently connect. And that is why when it reaches some areas of your home it drops the connection.

Other common causes for your Goovi Robot Vacuum to fail to connect to Wi-Fi

Router location

The location of your router within the house will by far determine how the internet-enabled devices, stay connected, if your router is not placed in a central location then you can expect the devices that are not in the line of sight to lose connection. The above is especially true for the Goovi robot because they operate from the lowest point of the house (the floor).

To rectify the above, it would be best to place the router in a central and exposed place so that all the relevant devices can connect without experiencing high latency.

Invest in Wi-Fi extenders

It is not uncommon for homes that are Wi-Fi enabled to experience the Wi-Fi dead zones, besides routers don’t cover a very large area when it comes to transmitting the Wi-Fi signals and that is why we have the Wi-Fi extenders. Some homes have big thick walls made of concrete, and in other cases, the large metal objects such as the fridges will choke the Wi-Fi signal thus leave your Goovi Robot Vacuum cleaner without Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi extenders should counter this problem and ensure that your robot vacuum cleaner always stays connected no matter where it is cleaning.

Using the incorrect Wi-Fi password

Don’t be in a rush to input the password for the 2.4GHz network, because if you do it wrongly then you won’t get your robot vacuum cleaner to connect to Wi-Fi. What’s more is that some of the routers have been configured, to operate on other frequencies, in which case the networks of the other frequencies could have the same SSID and password, which then means that the connection will complete but if the passwords are different then you will hit a snag as you try to achieve a connection for your Goovi robot vacuum cleaner.

For the above, homeowners must ensure that they have entered the correct password, for their 2.4GHz network and ensure that the password did not include typos during input.

Does not leave the dock when instructed
Problem with the wheels
The front wheels should be cleaned
Spinning in Circles
Could be out of power or clogged
The main brush on the reverse side of the unit should be cleaned.

Check for the Amber light then recharge the robot vacuum

Blinking orange light
Problems with the charging station
Ensure the charging station is working properly
Goovi is running on its own
Remote or program button mistakenly pressed
Hold down the scheduling button and wait for a beep, indicating successful cancellation


Before you let your Goovi Robot Vacuum to start cleaning your home, ensure that you have removed things like loose pieces of paper, clothing, and cords that the robot could possibly pull. Remember, also that the Goovi robot vacuum is customizable via Alexa or Google home and the reason you should be keen on the above Wi-Fi connectivity pointers, to keep the connection while working.

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