Elinz Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wifi

The difference between getting a cleaner every week and using the Elinz robot vacuum is that the latter’s initial investment is a one-time long-term plan and the former comes at an ongoing cost. What’s more is that the Elinz robot Vacuum will work the hard to reach corners, and eliminate all kinds of dirt.

The markets are saturated with different types of highly effective robot vacuum cleaners, thus getting one that will suit your cleaning needs is not always easy, and the above is why we are suggesting you get the Elinz Robot Vacuum designed to afford its users both wet and dry vacuuming.

Elinz comes incorporated with a Wi-Fi app control, also known as the We Back that allows users to complete their vacuuming tasks even when they are still asleep during the weekends. But we also know that Wi-Fi is not always reliable and on isolated occasions, your Elinz Robot Vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi mostly because of the dead zones. And for the above, you should, therefore, ensure that there are no big metal objects or concrete walls nearby.

Elinz Robot Vacuum

The Elinz Robot Vacuum has incorporated some of the most innovative and sophisticated features known to make it more effective, such as the smart electric controlled water tank, which can be tweaked to release water with regards to the amount of cleaning needed. The Robot vacuum features, a 2500pa powerful suction power that is sure to collect even the pet hairs on the carpet.

Despite being highly effective in its cleaning task, the Elinz Robot Vacuum at times won’t connect to Wi-Fi, because of the initial device set up process that might have not been done right. So, the best way to get your Robot Vacuum to integrate with your home Wi-fi is by troubleshooting the initial setup.

The essence of troubleshooting your robot Vacuum

The best thing to do during the setup process is to ensure that the dock is located within 10 feet of the Wi-Fi access point and in the same room. The dock should also not be placed less than one foot away from the router, as it may easily lead to the oversaturation of the Wi-Fi receivers.

Remember that the above process, is done during set up, but once completed, the dock can be moved to a different location. Important to note is that once the installation process is over, homeowners should ensure that the Robot can connect to the Wi-Fi while at its station.

Check for installation location signal quality

Signal quality in your preferred installation location could be the reason why your Elinz robot vacuum won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network

, and that is why it is always advisable to carry out a signal test level prior to installation.

The test could be done using a smartphone, or a tablet Wi-Fi with the relevant SSID connection and put it where you plan to install the dock. So, what you will be looking for is that the Wi-Fi signal and data are of good levels to be used for browsing, and for as much as there are going to be some disparities in the signal strengths between the robot and the testing device, you can still use this to determine if the robot will get a Wi-Fi connection.

For accurate results, users can use the speed test applications that are readily available for download for both Android and ios.

Reduce the number of connected devices

If your Elinz robot vacuum had initially been connected to other devices, either a smartphone or a tablet, integrating it with your device might prove difficult, which also means that your Elinz robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi. So, to enable flawless integration with Wi-Fi, ensure that no other device is currently connected to your Elinz robot vacuum, and you can either switch off the connection from the devices or put them all on flight mode.

Common Elinz Robot Vacuum Cleaner Problems and Solutions

Robot does not return to the docking station
Failure to start cleaning from the docking station
-Begin cleaning from the docking station

-Incorrect installation of the docking station

The robot has low suction power and navigation
Contaminated filters side brushes and the central brushes
Empty the dust box, clean the filters and brushes
Does not automatically return to the docking station
Presence of the protective film, on the infrared panel of the docking station
Removal of the protective film of the infrared panel as it degrades the quality of communication
Robot not leaving the docking station
Failure to charge at the docking station, or incomplete and rapid charging during operation
Fully charging the battery when at the docking station, or replacing the battery with a new one


General cleanliness and maintenance practices will enable your robot vacuum to work effortlessly and achieve its full shelf life. Failure to connect to Wi-Fi is not exactly a major technical issue thus the do-it-yourself processes should provide the necessary reprieve.

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