Hemobllo Robot Vacuum Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

The hygienic landscape is quickly taking a turn with the introduction of the smart cleaning devices such as the Hemobllo robot vacuum. The latter has been designed to rid your home of dirt and dust whose accumulation could lead to allergies and the development of illnesses.

If you are looking for a robot vacuum that can clean more space in less time and still afford you some quiet time, then the Hemobllo is your companion. The unit has been configured to work in any area of your home, be it the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. What’s more is that it can effectively handle different types of surfaces, from the carpeted floors to hard the surfaces.

The distinct brush like lower part makes the robot vacuum quite effective for its functions and talking about distinctness, the robot vacuum is hands-free operable thanks to the integration of the Wi-Fi feature. The above then means that you can issue commands from the comfort of your bed, up until it fails to connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Yes, the above is a possibility especially if you have placed the router far away from the robot’s docking station, or if the robot wanders away to the Wi-Fi dead zones. The above should however, not give you migraines, as you can simply change the location of the router for effective signal transmission thus consistent connectivity.

Hemobllow robot vacuum

The Hemobllow robot vacuum works by rotate mopping a sure way of getting rid of the stubborn dirt on your floor. The robot sports a compact size and will, therefore, not eat up much of your space when positioned in its docking station, and as a move to make it durable, the vacuum is made of high-quality materials that you can be sure it is the best unit for the long haul.

From the above users can be sure of dealing with fewer structural issues, but you can never be too sure of the unit’s consistent connectivity to Wi-Fi. The above is because of a variety of reasons some that might not be very apparent to many individuals, check below.

Router switched off

Before you gain access to your Hemobllo robot vacuum’s brain, there has to be an intermediary which is the Wi-Fi connection. Meaning that you might want cleaning to commence early in the morning but cannot achieve the relevant connection; one of the many reasons would be that your router might have switched off at night, thus you have to manually switch it on to restore the Wi-Fi connection.

Poor Wi-Fi signals

Expansive homes are culprits to Wi-Fi dead zones, which would then lead to your Hemobllo robot vacuum dropping its Wi-Fi connection, the above then means that communication would be a problem. Failure to connect to Wi-Fi could result from various issues, as there are small homes, that also experience the dead zones, but mainly because of router placement, thus it has to be moved for comprehensive signal transmission.

For the expansive homes on the other hand, the installation of the Wi-Fi range extenders should ensure all the rooms including your front and back yard are covered with strong internet signal. Thus the robot vacuum can clean all the areas that you anticipate to be cleaned without dropping the Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, routers should be placed away from potential Wi-Fi distractions, such as the huge concrete walls, the metal objects, or behind books and flower vases that have been placed on the shelves.

Home Appliance interference

Well, not everyone is aware that there are home appliances that operate on the 2.4GHz frequency. Things such as your microwave, the remote control toys, and the baby monitors, operate under the 2.4GHz frequency and will very well interfere with your Hemobllo robot vacuum 2.4GHz frequency consequently making it to fail to connect to the Wi-Fi.

So while you can switch off the above products, a Wi-Fi analyzer would be the best tool to use in identifying the appliances that are causing the intereferences. If you can, therefore, put a finger on the source of the interference then you have the option of changing the Wi-Fi channel.

Common Hemobllo Robot Vacuum Problems and Solutions

Robot experiences problems finding the charging station
The robot didn’t start working from the dock station
Ensure that the robot begins cleaning from the base station
The robot goes under the cabinet and doesn’t come out
Cabinet too low
If the cabinet is too low and the robot cannot find its way out, use the magnet strips to restrict it from going under the cabinet
The robot does not vacuum for long hours
Smaller dust cup
For your robot to be able to vacuum for long hours ensure that the dust cup capacity can take on the task, if not, empty the dust cup after every session
The robot cleans poorly
Dirty roller brushes
Ensure that the roller brushes are clean all the time.


Looking to invest in the Hemobllo robot vacuum, don’t hesitate, but be sure to keep the above tips handy so that you can enjoy the hands-free customization option and proceed with some of the DIY repairs, thus get your robot vacuum back to work.

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