Coredy Robot Vacuum won’t connect to WiFi

The lazy Saturdays are about to get a whole lot lazier with the Coredy Robot Vacuum cleaner; let’s be honest the 8 hour day job can take a toll on our bodies, that the 6 night time resting hours cannot completely cure. Come the weekend and you just want to eat and sleep, and there is absolutely no problem with that, just that we want to ensure your home does not attract insects and other household pests that thrive on dirt and dust.

The Coredy Robot Vacuum is a state of the art multifunctional home cleaning companion, that can wet mop your home, and to customize the cleaner to perform the relevant functions, a user will have to use the smart Coredy Robot application. The latter is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but of course through WiFi.

The latter is where the problem lies, the vacuum cleaner will rarely be customizable if it cannot connect to WiFi, so what could be the probable cause. Well, there are many reasons as to why your Coredy Robot Vacuum cleaner is not connecting to WiFi, read below.

The number of connected devices

If you have other members in the house, there are high chances that they might have initially connected the coredy robot to their devices, thus making it difficult for it to connect to Wi-Fi when needed. You will, therefore, want to make sure that no other device is connected to your coredy robot vacuum cleaner as you are trying to connect it to WiFi. So the easiest way to get connected is by either putting all the other devices on flight mode or canceling their connection.

Router connectivity

In most cases, some routers have been programmed to go off when not in use or at night. So once it goes off the connection will automatically be lost on your Coredy robot. In the morning, therefore, if your router does not automatically switch on, do it manually and re-establish the connection with your coredy robot vacuum cleaner.

Wi-Fi set up requirements

Wi-Fi networks operate on the 2.4 or the 2.4/5GHz mixed networks, the above, therefore, necessitates for users to find out the frequency that their vacuum robots operate on, as some will only work with the 2.4GHz and fail to connect with the 5GHz frequency. Coredy Robot vacuum cleaner in particular works with 2.4GHz, users must, therefore, ensure that they are using a compatible router, and if by any chance they are using a network extender, they must ensure that the network name SSID and password resemble that of the primary network.

Wi-Fi network configurations

On isolated occasions, the router might hide its network name, but users can always retrieve the WLAN via the search for the WLANs button. In other instances, the router might have stored the incorrect router frequency in the settings, yet the coredy robot vacuum cleaner only integrates with the 2.4GHz frequency. To correct the above, a user can always check the router frequency in the router settings.


Surprised! Don’t be because walls among other household furniture are notorious for blocking WiFi to effectively reach the connected devices, and since the coredy robot vacuum cleaner has been designed to go around obstacles, it might easily lose its connection. In essence, therefore, is that the router and the robot should both be within the line of sight, especially when working.

WiFi band connectivity

There also arises a situation where connectivity is a problem mainly because the connection hasn’t been done to the correct Wi-Fi band. The problem, therefore, is when the router has only been configured to produce the 5GHz WiFi band.

The above then means that if you are planning to get the coredy robot vacuum cleaner, you must first check the label at the back of your router, for the network frequency, if it is a 2.4GHz. And if you want to use it with the phone app, then your phone must reflect the same and connect it with the router network using the router’s password.

If you still cannot get a connection it is because your router does not allow the above option, which automatically means that you will have to make manual adjustments.

How to Trouble Shoot the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Indicator blinks red and beeps once
The dustbin has failed to install
Check to install the dustbin into the robot
Indicator blinks red and beeps 4 times
The robot is stuck
Free the cleaner and begin cleaning from a different location. Ensure that the the side wheels of the robot are debris-free and can turn easily
The indicator is lit red and beeps once
Check if the front caster wheel is stuck
Clean and clear the wheel and push the start button to begin cleaning.


Coredy Robot Vacuum cleaner is fully customizable meaning that users, can set a cleaning schedule through their remote control, and if by any chance they will not be in the house for an extended period they can cancel the cleaning schedule. There are many reasons as to why your robot vacuum cleaner is not connecting to WiFi, which then means that you might have to go through all the options discussed, but if you can’t find any then make use of the warranty.

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